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Activated carbon filter Series
Product Specifications:
The company's various products have different specifications; inform us of your needs when ordering.

Activated carbon is the type of carbon that has a porous tissue, the pores are used to increase the surface area where activated carbon can adsorb impurities, those absorbed can include chemicals, organic pollution sources, color, smell and so on. Generally speaking, the smaller the size of the activated carbon, the greater its overall surface area and the higher its capacity of adsorption and grabbing, but the pressure loss of its pipe will be higher as well. Taiwan’s reverse osmosis machines are accustomed to using activated carbon as a pre-processing filter of the RO membranes. Our company uses the most advanced coconut shell activated carbon, which have undergone either pickling or non-pickling, and the particle sizes range from 6 x12 (for the use of large systems) to 20 x 50 (for the use of household filter cartridges). They are suitable for use in a variety of occasions such as: drinking water treatment, beverage water treatment, aquariums, home or factory use. The materials comply with the specifications of the U.S. FDA, and are made by ultrasound rotary melting method, free from the use of any chemical binder; they are both safe and secure.
Operating Specifications:
Filter types: Coconut shell、Coal based、Nutshell
Mesh: 12×40 mesh、40×50 mesh
Filtration capacity: 2,500 Gallon or 1 year (According to activated carbon theory)
Maximum flow: 1.0 G.P.M
Maximum operating temperature: 120oF(50 oC)
Filter pore size: 10~15 micron
Length: 9-7/8"